No Water Needed.



No water needed. Take anywhere, anytime.


Enjoy a quick dissolving tablet instead of swallowing a pill whole.

Quick Acting

Fast dissolving ActivMeltTM is designed to be rapidly absorbed by the body.

Why ActivMeltTM?

• Never struggle swallowing a pill
• Great taste and delightful dissolving sensation
• No water needed
• So good you never forget to take them
• Natural, clean, highly bioavailable nutrients

Kal® Quality Ingredients

KAL® brand has been making the right supplements, with the right ingredients and nothing more for 85 years.


We search the world for the highest nutritional value ingredients to help support health and wellness according to leading nutritional research.

Trust Kal®

Our evidence-based approach creates loyal customers who know they can trust the KAL® brand.

Clean and Healthy

ActivMeltTM supplements primarily use non-GMO products, naturally low glycemic plant based sweeteners like xylitol and stevia and most products are lactose free and vegetarian.

What inspires your health routine?

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